We want your views!

We want your viewsWe welcome articles and features by anyone who shares our love of Exmoor as our aim is to provide a wide variety of opinions and views about the wonderful area in which we live, work and visit.

blog-button-plainHow to submit an article

  1. Please email us a summary outline of your idea initially to Sue Windley, our Social Media & Marketing Officer, by clicking the image above. Let us know what format you want your post to be, ie written article, video, podcast, image gallery etc.
  2. Sue will contact you to confirm receipt of your summary outline and to discuss your post in more detail.
  3. Your outline will then go through our approval process by our communications team (to check it meets all the requirements of our editorial policy – click here for policy details). They usually meet on Mondays, so there may be a delay before we can confirm when your post will be published. If it is time-sensitive, please let us know when you send in your summary outline.
  4. If your post is approved for publication, we will contact you to give you a submission deadline for your full article/post and let you know the expected publication date. If your post is a written article, please send it in a format that can be easily copied and pasted into WordPress (ideally a Word document).
  5. If your suggested outline does not get approved for publication, we will always let you know why (for example, it may be too similar to a post that is about to be published).


Differing Opinions and Views

Our aim is to use this blog to encourage learning, discussion and debate about Exmoor among anyone with an interest in this area, both professional and personal. We ask that every post submitted makes it clear whether the contributor is stating fact or opinion (and distinguishes when there is a mix of both).

We are aware that some contributors may express points of view that may be considered by others as contentious or controversial. As the host of this blog, we will always ensure differing opinions will be given equal weight and prominence.

Therefore if you wish to send in an article in which you express a particular view or opinion, we reserve the right to publish it only if/when an alternative view can be presented at the same time.