Pinnacle of Success for Arborist Nick

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The Exmoor Society has just announced their 2017 Pinnacle Award winner –  young Exmoor entrepreneur, Nick Hosegood, an arborist from Luxborough. The Exmoor Society Pinnacle Award, which was set up in 2011, is open to young people aged 18 to 27, and offers up to £3,000 for an idea for an Exmoor-based business venture in agriculture, forestry, conservation, horticulture, craft or tourism. Through this award, the Exmoor Society aims to provide opportunities for young people to stay in the greater Exmoor area to demonstrate how beautiful landscapes and livelihoods can go together. Continue reading

Moor to Enjoy for Health & Wellbeing

5WaysToWellbeingPosterIn the first project of its kind to be funded in England, Exmoor National Park Authority secured 3 years’ funding from Devon and Somerset Health and Wellbeing Boards in 2014. Taking the Five Ways to Wellbeing as its starting point, this project aims to demonstrate how being in the natural environment enables those small changes in an individual’s behaviour that contribute to improving physical and mental health. And key to this is building the opportunities and capacity to support getting people to visit, connect and enjoy Exmoor National Park.

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Exmoor’s Future Landscapes: Bigger, Better, Brighter!

Punchbowl PanoramaThe Exmoor Society held their annual conference in Dulverton last week. The theme was ‘Exmoor’s Future Landscapes’ based on the findings of their report “Exmoor’s Moorlands – Where Next?” which was launched at the conference. The speakers provided both a local and national context (including representatives from Natural England,  RSPB and National Farmers Union) and agreed with the general conclusion that Exmoor’s future was bigger, better and brighter for all. Taking place just after the publication of the Government’s recent 8-Point Plan for National Parks, Rachel Thomas, Chairman of The Exmoor Society, commented “The success of the day was summed up in a tweet: Thank you @ExmoorSociety for an excellent conference. Good debate, passionate people & a healthy future in sight for #Exmoor.’ ”

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