Editorial Policy


Editorial Policy

This blog is where we share a more informal insight (than typically seen on our main website) into the personal stories, events and news from and around Exmoor. We welcome articles and features by anyone who shares our love of Exmoor but we request that you adhere to our editorial policy as outlined below.

Content submission. Articles, posts, audio content, images and videos can be submitted by contacting us via this link to our main website. We retain the right to edit and approve all submissions in line with the policy below before they are published on this blog. Whilst we will aim to publish articles as close to their submission date as possible, schedules and existing submissions may delay publication. We will always confirm publication dates with the author.

Editing and approval of content. This blog accepts content from in-house and external sources. We reserve the right to make an editorial judgement on each submission, balancing the relevance of the content with the likely/intended impact on our readers and viewers.

All submissions and comments will go through an approvals process before publication; this is to avoid duplication of previous posts or to review posts and comments that may be construed as defamatory or offensive (in the case of rejected comments, it will state that a comment had been made but not published due to its content).

We ask that articles are written in language that is easy to understand, spells out acronyms and avoids jargon (and where it is used, it is clearly explained). We will endeavour to ensure facts are accurate, well sourced and based on sound evidence. We will be open about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation.

We are not responsible for the views of contributors other than those directly employed by ENPA. This blog aims to reflect a breadth and diversity of opinion about Exmoor that adds to the public understanding, for example involving exploration of perspectives in different communities, interest groups and geographic areas. We wish to foster debate and discussion through individuals, groups and organisations offering personal and professional views and opinions. We encourage all contributors to demonstrate the origin and credibility of their submission; and be understanding/accepting of another’s perspective (even if their view differs markedly from our own or other contributors). All contributors, readers and commentators will be treated with respect.

Where the subject matter may be viewed as being controversial or contentious, we will remain impartial, providing a platform for opposing views and opinions to be given equal weight and prominence (it is not for us to suppress discussion). However we request that opinion should be clearly distinguished from fact.

Reposting/Repurposing. It is good practice before submitting a post to search existing content on this blog to avoid duplication. If a submission has been published previously elsewhere, we will permit publishing of it on this site but only with full accreditation to the original author, on the basis that it has been provided with full permissions of the original author/host site. Ideally re-posted content will state when/where it was first (originally) published and if any material changes have been made (re-purposing).

Publication time frame. Unless posts state their publication is for a limited time, we will presume that all published material can remain on this blog and become part of a permanently accessible archive.

Length of articles. We have no specific set length for articles; we recommend contributors are mindful that content is likely to be read on a tablet, mobile or laptop, so ideally sentences are kept as concise as possible. We reserve the right to edit articles to reduce the amount of text for the sake of clarity and length.

Links within posts. Whilst we encourage the use of links as origins of evidence and facts within posts, we reserve the right to remove any link with sites that may be considered offensive or contentious. Where we have removed a link, we will add a note explaining why the link has been deleted.