My Colourful Exmoor


This post is written by our Marketing and Social Media Officer, Sue Windley, who is off to pastures new with a love of Exmoor that she’ll be sharing far and wide. One aspect of this special region she noticed people mention frequently was the variation of colours to be found. Let us know what your favourite colours of Exmoor are (ideally with an image) and we’ll share on our Twitter page @ExmoorNP.

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View From… Our Volunteer & Outreach Officer


As part of the variety of views we get as contributions to our blog, we like to include a ‘Day-in-the-Life’ style posts from members of our team. To celebrate the last day of #NationalTreeWeek, our Volunteer and Outreach Officer Patrick Watts-Mabbott is sharing his ‘Night-in-the-Life-of’ role as he searched out Exmoor Fox Fire that keeps the woodlands of Exmoor aglow.

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Hashtags & Twitter Handles – Exmoor Farmers see the benefits of social media

We’re re-printing an article with the kind permission of its author Martin Hesp (an Exmoor dweller who is also Editor-at-Large and Food Editor for the Western Morning News). An Exmoor farming family have been discovering the benefits of using social media. We wanted to share the story because Sarah also works for us at our National Park Centre in the Lynmouth Pavilion!

Eveleigh familyAn Exmoor farming family had a young Red Devon bull that hasn’t quite come up to the breed’s expectations, so they need to sell it. Normally they’d have put the animal into the livestock auction at Cutcombe, but this time around they decide to experiment and have the annual slaughtered and butchered locally and mention the beef on Facebook.

Just two hours later over it had all gone – more than £1000’s worth, sold, just like that.

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Intern Insight

This article has been written by Briony Turner who was our Social Media and Marketing Intern during 2015. She has written a great article about what the working day involves for two of our other interns, Rachael and Lewis, based in the Field Services team. Her visit took place in June 2015.

waymarkers in a pile
Signposts piled up, ready to be sanded.

I’m very lucky. In my role I’m not just chained to a computer screen, tweeting away and drowning in analytics.  I also get to venture out and about, discovering different parts of Exmoor as well as learning about other people’s jobs and what exactly it is they do, all in the name of helping them use digital communications more effectively.

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