About Us


Established in 1954 when we were first designated as a National Park, our two main objectives are to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of Exmoor; and promote and support the public’s understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities that surround us.

Around 80 staff work for the ENPA providing a range of services to the (c.11,000) residents and nearly 2 million annual visitors, supported by a highly knowledgeable ‘crew’ of volunteers. So you can imagine there’s plenty of news and knowledge to share about this beautiful area.

This blog is where we aim to provide a more informal glimpse into the activities, news and events happening on Exmoor, as viewed by our staff, volunteers, residents, land owners and visitors. There’s lots of topics to share, from our amazing coastline to the huge variety of fauna and flora across 267 square miles to the south.

We welcome articles and features by anyone who shares our love of Exmoor – you can contact us via this link to our main website – but please check out our blog’s editorial policy here before you submit your articles.

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