Want to be a CareMoor Park Partner?


Many businesses on Exmoor are seeing the benefits of putting the National Park at the heart of all they do, contributing in a positive way to the special qualities of the area and supporting CareMoor through financial and resource donations. This article looks at how your business can celebrate becoming a CareMoor Park Partner.

What’s in it for my business to be a ‘CareMoor for Exmoor’ Park Partner?

The most recent Exmoor National Park Visitor Survey (2016) listed the top ten reasons visitors come to Exmoor as:

  1. Vistor Survey 2016_wordcloudScenery/landscape
  2. Tranquility / peace and quiet
  3. Wildlife
  4. Coastline
  5. Easy to get to
  6. History and Heritage
  7. Outdoor activities
  8. Access to local products
  9. Dark Sky Reserve status
  10. Events and Festivals

What better way to connect with visitors than by explaining your business’ role in supporting the conservation and protection of the landscape your customers have come to visit? It’s a great way to raise your business profile by being associated with the internationally recognised brand of Exmoor National Park. In particular, being a CareMoor Park Partner means your business is promoted to the large audiences of the National Park and CareMoor’s social media channels (eg having your logo for all to see on our CareMoor web page or hosting of your printed branded material at our National Park Centres).

As simple a process as adding an opt-in or opt-out payment to your customers’ bills; donating a percentage of ticket sales, or hosting an event for CareMoor – every donation counts. Plus it also gives your customers and clients an easy way of feeling good, playing their own part in directly contributing to the conservation, access and heritage of our 267 square miles of unique landscape and culture.

But being a CareMoor Park Partner isn’t just about helping us to raise funds – it’s also a commitment to playing your part in looking after Exmoor National Park, helping people to understand and enjoy this special place.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to find out more about joining the scheme, please contact the Sustainable Economy Team at Exmoor National Park on 01398 323665 or email us.

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