Snowdrop Valley


Snowdrop Valley opens this coming weekend, presenting us with a spectacle of thousands of snowdrops… with thanks to Pete Rae of ENPA for the images.

p1040683Once a secret known only to locals, Snowdrop Valley opens up each year to visitors from across the UK with the sight of carpets of tiny white flowers that have pushed their way through the cold earth to greet us.


Starting this Saturday (28th January) and continuing until Sunday 26th February, the privately owned Snowdrop Valley is opened up to the public to herald (or at least hint at!) the start of spring in this usually hidden part of Exmoor.

p1040698You can follow the Snowdrop Signs for Walks (between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours) with a choice of surfaces and steepness. Please keep to the defined tracks and you’re advised to not walk up the road through the valley, as it is narrow and between 4th and 19th, the Park and Ride buses use it at regular intervals.

You can find out more on the Wheddon Cross Snowdrop Valley website

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