Access in action: new bridleway through Worth Wood


Exmoor hosts over 800 miles of local paths of various kinds and donations to CareMoor are a vital means of funding the maintenance and repairs that are needed – repairing and regarding a bridleway can cost £10 per metre. A recent example is the repairs needed for part of the River Barle’s bank at Worth Wood, which were made impassable after flooding caused a landslip.


Back in December 2012, a major flood caused a landslip which destroyed a 40 metre section of the bridleway on the western bank of the River Barle at Worth Wood, making it impassable. It took our Rights of Way and Access teams a while to work out how best to solve the issue of re-establishing the legally recorded route (Public Bridleway DU10/38, Parish of Withypool & Hawkridge).

This summer, we new path further up the slope from the river was created, and on 8 September the Public Path Order to divert public bridleway DU10/38 onto this new route was confirmed.

CareMoor is now helping to explore the funding options to install a new bridge below Great Bradley, which would allow the Two Moors Way to be moved onto the west side of the Barle and provide a much more user friendly path between Withypool and Tarr Steps.

If you want to know more about how CareMoor supports access and rights of way, have a look at our new video here.

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