CareMoor goes Cricket-crazy

bridgetownCareMoor for Exmoor benefited from the generosity of Bridgetown Cricket Club when they turned their match against the Mount Cricket Club into a fundraiser for CareMoor.

Book of PavillionsYesterday (Wednesday 27 July) the Bridgetown Cricket Club hosted a fundraiser for CareMoor as their match against the Mount Cricket Club (who have been coming to Exmoor and Bridgetown for 30 years). This was their thank you for the Exmoor National Park Partnership Fund grant which aided the re-thatching of their pavilion. And this thatched pavilion is so unique, it got a mention in the Book of Pavilions by Jonathan Rice.

Bridgetown Cricket Club was founded in 1924 and its ground is in one of the most picturesque settings – accessible by a footbridge over the River Exe. It was voted Wisden’s Loveliest Ground in 2002 and in 2008 came top of a Daily Telegraph poll “Willow Walks: Britain’s best village cricket grounds – pitches that will knock you for six“: “It was the eccentric detail that made this little ground, accessible by a wooden footbridge over a river, sound so heart-warmingly English. “There is a swallows’ nest in the dressing-room, a wrens’ nest above the front door… showers non-existent, though it is possible to take a dip in the river Exe to cool off after the match…a boiler fired by gas bottles for that most essential cricketing ingredient – tea.” You can almost hear the kettle whistling as the players plod off the field.”

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