Name this Filly (sorry, but “Foaly McFoal Face” not allowed!)

Here’s something for the kids to do over the half-term holiday (and yes, that includes the ‘grown up’ kids too!). We have a lovely Exmoor filly who needs a name – so her owner has kindly allowed us to set up a competition for the public to name her. And mindful of a recent naming competition (which eventually was a winner for Sir David Attenborough), the winning entry will be selected by the owner – local author Victoria Eveleigh.

AND WE HAVE A WINNER! Our Exmoor foal is to be called FOLLY.

The cast of Follyfoot

Our winner, Christina Battle, suggested the name Folly as she was a fan of the Monica Dickens’ books, which were turned into a children’s TV series called Follyfoot. She remembered that the main character was called Dora (which is the name of the foal’s mum), so decided Folly was the perfect choice. And what was truly lovely was that the filly’s owner Victoria Eveleigh chose the name Folly for exactly the same reason!

Victoria explains “I decided on Folly, because one of my favourite books when I was growing up was Cobbler’s Dream by Monica Dickens. It was turned into a TV series, which ran from 1971 to 1973, called Follyfoot. I never missed an episode! Monica Dickens wrote 4 more books to go with the TV series, and I loved them all. Dora was the series’ major character, so it makes sense that our foal should be called Folly if its mum is Dora. Also, there’s a boggy area on Ilkerton Ridge, where we graze our ponies, called Folly Mires. So there are two connections there – and I liked the name Folly anyway!”

Christina is delighted to have won “I can believe it – I never win anything!” and will be receiving a selection of Victoria Eveleigh’s Books (donated by the National Park Centre at Lynmouth). She doesn’t live in the south west so will be planning her next holiday with her family to Exmoor and looking forward to meeting Folly in person.

Newly named Folly was born on the night of the 3rd and 4th of May 2016 on Ilkerton Ridge on Exmoor. Her mum’s name is Dora and her sire is Dunkery Tawny Owl (more usually known as ‘Owly’!). All of the ponies are owned by Victoria Eveleigh, who is famous for being the author Katy’s Exmoor Pony series of children’s books (and other pony books too).

Many thanks to everyone who sent in a suggestion.

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